Are supersets actually that super?

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Are supersets actually that super?

Often supersets are used as a means to expend extra calories/and the majority of fat loss templates you see online are set out that way.

Unfortunately, as useful as supersets can be, fat burning may not be the most effective use for supersets as a lot of online sources suggest.

A study by Brentano et al (2016) took a group of 20 males, at an average age of 26, and BF% of 17.

Participants were split into a general exercise group, and a superset exercise group.

Energy expenditure was recorded during, and 60 minutes post session with no significant difference between the two groups (148kcal from the general group vs 151kcal from the superset focused group).

So if energy expenditure isn’t significantly increased by super-setting exercises, why use them at all?


  • If you’re short on time and need to cover a vast amount of movements (either limited # of sessions per week, or time constraints per session)
  • Group management (for the coaches reading this)
  • Although there are more, these are some our reasons for their implantation into our programmes....what are yours?

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