Could strength training be the new walking?

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Could strength training be the new walking?

The benefits of exercise for general health purposes are largely documented, and the practice is encouraged across the population. But as a lover of the use of barbells, I have been asking myself whether barbell training could be the new walking..... As with general exercise, the health benefits of strength training are now overwhelmingly clear. The amount of times my parents, and I’m sure yours to, have been to the GP and are encouraged to go on an extra walk or two to promote a healthier lifestyle and ultimately, live longer are countless. But could strength training now be the answer to a longer and more productive lifestyle?

The LIFTMOR trial (Watson SL et al., 2018) suggests it could.
Using a sample size of over 100 individuals at an average age of 65 (albeit a specific population), it has been shown that performing 2 sessions/week at an intensity level of 85% of 1RM for 5x5 using compound barbell movements, is more beneficial for improved bone mass and ‘functional performance’ than those performing low level aerobic work at the same frequency.

And there are other studies showing similar results. So my question now isn’t.....’could strength training be the new walking?’

But rather, should it be?

What are your thoughts?

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