Personal Programming

For those looking for a little more specificity with their training. Our personal programme offers a fully detailed training programme, specific to your goals, with access to the gym during all our opening hours. A coach will always be on hand to guide you through your training.


How does the Personal Programme work

Besides our 1-2-1 coaching, this is our most in depth coaching and programming option.

After an initial consultation, we will determine the most appropriate testing methods that are suitable for your goals (short term, and long term)

Once we have gathered all of the vital information required that will impact our programming, we will work with you to provide a bespoke training programme that will help attain your goals as well as educate you throughout the process.

The programme design will be tailored around your schedule, so whether you would like to train three times per week, or seven, we will ensure your programme is enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding. With access during any of our opening hours.

Our coaches will always be on hand to help coach and guide you through your sessions alongside other like-minded individuals.

If you would like to train as a group, you can also join our group sessions and we will take this into account with your personal programming, so that you can have the ultimate training experience (being energised by others working with you, as well as the personal touch with your own training)

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FAQ for personal programming?

What if I have multiple goals I would like to achieve?

In this instance we may advise our group programme (depending on your training history). However if you are certain the personal programme is for you, we will ensure we intelligently plan to periodically achieve your training goals and ambitions.

Will you coach me every session?

You will have access to all of our opening hours, where a coach will be on hand to answer any questions and coach when appropriate. However other trainees may be in at this time who will also be on the same package. If you would like 121 coaching, our personal coaching package may be more appropriate

Will you provide a nutrition plan?

Only qualified Dieticians are qualified to provide personal nutrition plans. However we can provide you with the tools needed to make wise choices away from training, and guidance.

Will I always need a personal programme?

It depends, the human body and training are very complex. Everybody is different. At certain times, laying off specific goals and training for ‘general’ health, wellbeing, and enjoyment is required. At which point, our group programme may be advised.

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