Team Training

Our Team training programme is the ideal training option for those looking to get ‘in shape’. If your goal is to ‘lose the tum, drop some weight, & build some go with your show’ this is the programme. Our programme is designed for year-round development, covering all aspects of fitness, for all levels.


How does our Team Training work

With over 20 sessions to choose from, you can be sure we have a bar for you.

This is as close to personal training as you can get, without the price tag of paying for 121 sessions.

We treat each member as an individual from day one. It doesn't matter if you are completely new to training, or a 5 year veteran, you can be certain that we will get the most out of you. Using our levelled system, we ensure everybody can be apart of our Team and progress together.

Membership also includes our open gym session, Sunday morning 10:00-12:30 if you are struggling to make our coached sessions, or just want to burn some extra calories.

All for less than the price of a takeaway a week!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Group Training

Is this session limited to a certain number of people?

Yes, we currently cap our sessions to 12. This way we can ensure you will receive a personalised, and highly effective coaching session, whilst still maintaining all of the benefits of training with like-minded and supportive members.

Is this a personal programme?

Yes and no. In terms of goal specificity, this isn’t personalised. The programme is designed to improve all aspects of fitness concurrently. However, movement progressions are key, and we will ensure the appropriate level of movement is prescribed

Can we come in any time to train?

You can access our coached group sessions, and/or our designated open gym (unsupervised) sessions. The remainder of our opening hours are for our 121 clients who opt for additional training.

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