(Olympic) Weightlifting

For those looking for a little more specificity with their training. Our (Olympic) Weightlifting programme offers a fully detailed training programme, with a primary focus on the competition lifts (Snatch and Clean & Jerk) to help improve Strength, Mobility, Technique, and Power. With access to an additional Team Training Session and our Open Gym, a coach will always be on hand to guide you through your training.


How does the Weightlifting Program work?

The sport of Weightlifting has been utilised in many strength & conditioning, sporting, and crossfit programs for a number of years.

During our initial session we will run you through a breakdown of the lifts, and begin coaching you immediately to ensure your journey to improving your lifts, strength, and power isn't delayed.

Utitlising the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk, and their derivitives, our sessions are purpose built to improve efficiency in the competitive lifts.

The Program is ran in 4-6 week blocks, with each phase feeding smoothly into the next = Periodised programming.

Our coaches will always be on hand to help coach and guide you through your sessions alongside other like-minded individuals.

Whether you have been lifting for years, or just venturing onto the platform for the first time, we have your back and gaurantee you results!

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FAQ for personal programming?

What if I have multiple goals I would like to achieve?

In this instance we may advise our Team programme (depending on your training history). However if you are certain the weightlifting is for you, we will ensure we intelligently plan to periodically achieve your training goals and ambitions.

Will you coach me every session?

We have 2 specific weightlifting sessions each week (Tuesday & Thursday at 19:30-21:00)with a sole purpose of coaching you fully through the lifts and our program. You will also be able to top up your training with our Team Program, or an unsupervised session in our open gym.

Will you provide a nutrition plan?

Only qualified Dieticians are qualified to provide personal nutrition plans. However we can provide you with the tools needed to make wise choices away from training, and guidance.

What if I can't perform the lifts?

No Problem, we have a wealth of knowledge coaching beginners from the ground up. However if you are unsure, and would like some additional 121 coaching please refer to our 121 packages.

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